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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new tradition!!

So if you read my blog last year, you know I am into adding new traditions to our family during the holidays. Well I am happy to welcome a new one this year courtesy of my sweet mother-in-law!! She sent the kids an advent calendar with prizes for each day!

It's so cute - it has little drawers & everything. Since they live in New York & we don't get to see them as often, I thought this was such a good idea.

My plan is to post a picture of them with their daily prize every day, so hopefully I can stay on top of it.

Day 1: Chapstick!


elle's mom said...

argh. we have the same blog idea! what a cheap way of getting a blog in everyday. ha!

McGregor Family said...

Cool, they will enjoy this!! We make paper chains and write prayers, bible vs. ect... on each link.. We remove one link each day and read what is on the chain....

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Happy family! always keep smile.
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Alberto De Maria Soares said...

Happy Family!


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