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Monday, November 8, 2010


This was the first season both kids played soccer, and WE SURVIVED!! We were so fortunate that the kids had their practices at the same time on the same days of the week. I'm not sure we would have made it through, otherwise. Jeff & his cousin, Joey, coached Mase's team, and Reese had a new coach this year who we really liked. It was a great season, and we learned that Mason really emjoys soccer and Reese is ready to move on to tumbling. WAH! Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped about the tumbling choice, but she really is pretty good at soccer and I would love for her to stick with it at least one more season. We shall see.

Here are a few pics of the season.

Reese in action!

The "Crazy" Giants.


Reese getting some good kicks in.

I love how she's just sitting back smiling in this pic. It's still all about havin fun.

Run Reese, RUN!!

These were our "Aces"...Case, Mase & Ace.

There is that tongue-in-cheek thing again. I hear it's a Weyers trait. ;-)

Mason made lots of new friends on his soccer team.
We just loved this little guy!

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McGregor Family said...

So cute... You know Meg's boyfriend is Ace. They are in the same preschool class.... It is really funny.