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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mase Funnies

Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, Mase & I had some interesting conversations. The kid always cracks me up!

Scenario #1:
Mason was complaining that his big toe was hurting because he got it slammed in the door earlier in the night.

Me: "Mason, let mamma kiss your toe." *smoooooch* There, does that feel better?"

Mase: Pause. Looks up for a minute as if to be thinking..."MO-OM!!!! Your kisses are MAGIC! Can they kill bigfoot?"


Scenario #2:
Putting Mason to bed tonight after a day full of spankings for him and way too much mean mom voice for me.

Me: "Mason, let's try to have a better day tomorrow, ok?"

Mase: "Whyyyy?"

Me: "Well, because you were pretty naughty today."

Mase: "Pretty? Like a girl dancing with sparkly pants pretty?"

Aaaaaghhhh!!! What am I gonna do with that kid????


Milk Maker said...

Lol...funny stuff!

McGregor Family said...

Now that is funny.. Meg and Mason might not get to hang out later in their school days!!!! I think they are too cute and too funny for their own good.. God love them both.. He is precious!

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