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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jumping Jack Flash

In an effort to crack down on all the annoying bickering at our house lately, I started a new way to discipline my kids when they are disrespectful to me or to each other. I make them do either 10 push-ups, or 10 jumping jacks, and I add more in increments of 5's if they whine about it. Works like a charm and they even get in a little extra exercise! Plus it's waaaaaaaay more fun than spanking. When I asked Mase to do 10 jumping jacks earlier, he looked and me and said "I don't know how!". So I had him give me a demonstration, and he was right! Check out his sweet little video.


McGregor Family said...

This is so funny Jodi!! I love it since I used to coach too...Right up my alley!!!! so how is it working?

Straight from the pits of Dwell said...

Yes, it cracked me up too. How is it working??? Well...Reese just gets a big smile on her face and Mason starts whining because he still doesn't know how to do jumping jacks very well. So not sure on the effectiveness, but it sure is entertaining!