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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reese made a funny!

Reese: Momma, today when we were sitting on the ground in a circle at soccer practice, someone tooted.

Me: Really? Ewwww...

Reese: was SO RANCHY!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He's got crazy skillz...

Last year, Mason stared practicing the hulu hoop. He had seen Reese do it and of course wanted to be like his big sister. And he may have seen his mamma sneak in an occasional hula move, of which you'll see NO video footage.

Anyway, this video shows his progression over the last year and there is actually a noticable improvement! I bet in a couple months he will be a Hula Hooping Pro! But for now, maybe we should just focus on soccer... Check it out. And by the way, I am completely ashamed of myself and they way I am laughing at Mason's expense. But it's still funny!

Jumping Jack Flash

In an effort to crack down on all the annoying bickering at our house lately, I started a new way to discipline my kids when they are disrespectful to me or to each other. I make them do either 10 push-ups, or 10 jumping jacks, and I add more in increments of 5's if they whine about it. Works like a charm and they even get in a little extra exercise! Plus it's waaaaaaaay more fun than spanking. When I asked Mase to do 10 jumping jacks earlier, he looked and me and said "I don't know how!". So I had him give me a demonstration, and he was right! Check out his sweet little video.