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Friday, July 23, 2010

Strong's National Museum of Play. The Bomb.

Ok, so even though this post is part of our NY trip, it had to stand alone. We discovered the most awesome place ever - Strong's National Museum of Play. A Museum. For Play. I'm in!! It is located in Rochester, and has so many ways to "play", you can't hardly do it all in one day! Here are some pics of our (very tiring) day. And let me warn you - there are A LOT Of pictures, but you just have to see how many cool things there were! And this really just skims the surface.

Here we go, about to enter into childhood mania...

This was a really cool tubular thing that makes music. I'm sure there is a very technical name for it, but excuse me for not taking the time to do the research.

Suuuuunny days, sweepin the - clouds away...can you guess where we are????

Everyone's favorite fish, Dorothy. Unless you have 2 pet betas and then your favorite fish are Jett and Bella.

Who doesn't LOVE Mama Bear???

Making words.

The wooden building blocks center. Mason could have stayed here ALL day.


Daddy & his friend Jason could have had a mean game of chess on this bad boy! But for Reese & Mason it's just fun to play on the cool checkerboard.

These next few pics are of the coolest thing ever - a little-bittie-miniature-real life-pretend grocery store for kids! It was definitely the fave on Mason's list. Reese - not so much. She thinks she is getting too big for pretend play. Unless, of course, it includes her dolls, then she's all about it. But that's really not pretend. Because they're real. Just ask her.

Browsing the vegetable aisle.

Hmmmm...what shall I choose....the salmon, or the halibut?

Waiting in the check-out line. I fight nearly broke out when a little girl tried to cut. Another lesson for real life.

Check-out time!

This was really cool - it looks like a sand pit, but it was really millions of tiny little beads! YAY for no sand in our shoes!

Look at Jeff & G-Ma Weyers. Can you tell it's the end of the day? Whew! We were worn out!

The Hulk.

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McGregor Family said...

How cool!!!! I love the Sesame Street scene!!! Awesome!!!