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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soccer Stars

YAY for soccer season! This is Reese's 5th season to play, and Mason's 1st. Reese moved up a league this year and is now playing on a larger field. Lots of running! Jeff and Joey (Jeff's cousin) are coaching Mason's team and doing a great job. We have such great kids on our team!

Both Reese & Mason had their first games this past weekend and all I can say is that it was very entertaining. I'm pretty sure all of you would have paid good money to watch the 4 year old boys. One of the highlights for me (although I shouldn't admit it) was when one of Mason's little teammates grabbed his shirt and knocked him down right when Mase was about to score. Mason then proceeded to jump up, push the teammate down and with the look of pure rage in his eyes, yell "You are MEAN!!" at him. I promise we don't teach him to do those things at home... But there is a possibility his grandad does. ha!

So here are just a few pictures that highlight the day. I have a few more pics of Mason probably because during Reese's game, I was preoccupied with chasing him around! I was soooo proud of both kids and the way they played and just had a good time.

The coolest #4 players I know with Coach Joey.

Reese getting a little action.

Look at that fancy footwork!

Mason making a break for it.

Ummmm....not sure what this move is.

Notice the pure tongue-in-cheek concentration.

These kids were like dominoes!

And this is how we ended the game...still mad.


McGregor Family said...

Enjoyed that post Jodi!! haha..
I know you are a good parent!!! lol
We miss soccer. Maggie can't play now since she has her foot disease, that she out grows in her teens. It is just too hard on her. I hate it too since she was really good at it. Oh well.God has other plans for her. If her pain decides to go away we will be back next fall.

Potts Family said...

jodi that is so funny! i remember when eli(and reese!) just started playing soccer. man time flies! i hope that we get to see you guys out there one saturday!
eli got his birthday card from reese, and he was super excited to have his own gift card! he loves those things, and just thinks that you buy them with the money already installed :) its so funny. he is very excited and cant wait to go get whatever ice cream he wants. thanks so much!
hope you guys are having a good start to the school year! see you soon!