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Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Again, I've been MIA on the bloggie blog. I just can't seem to find the time to sit down, collect my thoughts, and then actually type them in a comprehendible format. What can I's been a crazy year. Anyhoo, the blog is (hopefully) back and I am really going to try to have more frequent posts.

So what better way to (re)debut than with the first day of school? Looking forward to an awesome year!!

Mason on his first day of preschool for this year.

Love this little guy!

Ms. Sarah & Mrs. Janet, you better watch out for this one!!

Sweet Reese. First day of 1st Grade!!!

Daddy walking Reese to her classroom.

Yippeee for Mrs. Stasey!!

I can do this, I can do this....

Big girl sitting at her desk on the first day. No tears!


Nana said...

Hurray for the return of the Blog! I went back and read every single entry. I am so blessed to have you as a neighbor and a friend. And have I told you just how much I love your "well behaved" children?


Matt and Deachi said...

I've missed your blog! I am glad you are back! Looks like you have had a fun summer!
That awesomely cool fun place you went in NY looks like the bees knees!
I loved catching up!

Trisha said...

They have grown so much! Looks like a fun summer. Glad you are back!