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Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly...Colossians 3:16

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask and you will find, Seek and it will be given to you.

Ok. So maybe the Lord wasn't SPECIFICALLY talking about Christmas decor when he breathed that scripture into His Word, but hey - it worked in this case.

Some of you may have seen my entry on Facebook about these delightful stockings. Well...I have been looking for cute stockings for about 3 years now, and when I came across these little jewels in our local Ace Hardware right after Christmas for HALF OFF I was so excited! $10 people. That's a steal! I was disappointed that our little store only had 1 initial I needed, which was an "R". I just figured it would be as easy as running home & jumpin on the pute pute, doin a little ebay or Craig's list search, and KACHOW - there would be the initials I needed, right? Oh, contrar. After a short time (on my iphone in the parking lot of the pet store, mind you) of scouring the internet and finding only a small trace of these stockings (but not the initials I needed), I decided to call a couple specialty stores in Cleburne where my parents live who I know carry Mud Pie merchandise to see if maybe THEY had the initials I needed. After calling 2 stores in Cleburne, and at least 3 in Granbury, who all had these stockings but did not have the initials I needed, I was starting to panic. What the heck? I can find EVERYTHING you would ever want or need online, so what is the problem? These can't be that hard to find...or can they? Hmmmmm...I was officially on a mission. A Mud Pie stocking mission. Letters M. J. and J.

After sensing the urgency in my voice, a nice girl from one of the stores in Granbury gave me the name and cell phone number of the retail distributor from our region. I call her and she's like, "Well...actually, I'm on vacation right now, so good luck sister." Great. Thanks for nothin. So I get BACK online & go to the Mud Pie website and email their customer service rep. This lady saved my life. She was very upfront and informed me these stockings were VERY difficult to find because the company only made a limited amount and certain initials (R & J apparently) were hard to come by. Ya think? So, to make a long story short, she gave me the names of several stores in areas where I have loved ones (including Buffalo, NY, Wichita, Ponca City, Hereford, TX, Austin, Houston) who would be willing to seize these oh-so-hard-to-find stockings. BINGO! After speaking with a very non-helpful Buffalonian who informed me she did have an "M" in stock, but would absolutely NOT be willing to hold it for me, I nearly came unglued. I heard my voice get very shaky as I begged her, pleaded with her to HOLD THAT FREAKING STOCKING LADY! I was gonna beg my mother-in-law to drive the 30 miles to Buffalo to snag it up for me. Finally, after much southern "I'm not taking no for an answer" pressure, she caved. She committed to hold the stocking for ONE DAY. Great. How much do you love me, Colette?

Ok. So "M" is down, two J's to go. So the next day, I get this very nonchalant text from my lifelong friend Dawn who I grew up with in Blackwell, informing me that she was just in the little Hallmark store in Ponca City (where my brother lives) and they had MY stockings - a D for Dawn & a J for Jodi. What the? And you left it there? Oh my gosh, Dawn. GO BACK, GO BACK! She had no idea I had nearly fallen off the deep edge of sanity trying to find these blasted stockings. So I speed dial my brother who just happens to be coming for a visit the following weekend and beg him to go to the Hallmark store and snatch up that J. Mission 2 accomplished.

One more phone call to make. Hereford, TX. Ok...really? Really do you think I'm going to find these prized stockings in the Beef Capital of the World? I'm thinking my chances are pretty slim. THe name of the store? Inkahoots. Yeah baby. I'm lovin it. So I pick up the phone for one last ditch effort and on the other line is the owner who is the most gracious, kind, understanding southern woman you have ever met. I tell her my story and she says, "Honey, I have an M AND a J with your name on it. You just come on in when you can." Booya! I literally did the happy dance in my little kitchen. Screaming, jumping up and down, the whole bit. Yeah, I do still realize these are stockings we're talking about. But it was the thrill of the chase that excited me! And the fact that I hate to be told no. So I schedule Jeff to pick the stockings up from the angel at Inkahoots on a Monday afternoon. This mission doesn't go off without a hitch. Oh no. It can't be that easy. Jeff's schedule is so packed that week that he wasn't going to be able to make it by the store during business hours. So guess what that precious angel whom I have never met offered to do? She offered to just take those stockings right home with her and have Jeff come by anytime he wanted! Can you believe that? I can. Because she was a woman who understood my insane mission and wasn't about to stand in my way.

Long story short (didn't I say that like 2 paragraphs before?), Jeff got the stockings, I hung them on my chimney on January 1st and kept them there for a week. And I can't WAIT to put em up next year! Mission completion. Stinkin Mud Pie. And here they are for you to see.