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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new tradition!!

So if you read my blog last year, you know I am into adding new traditions to our family during the holidays. Well I am happy to welcome a new one this year courtesy of my sweet mother-in-law!! She sent the kids an advent calendar with prizes for each day!

It's so cute - it has little drawers & everything. Since they live in New York & we don't get to see them as often, I thought this was such a good idea.

My plan is to post a picture of them with their daily prize every day, so hopefully I can stay on top of it.

Day 1: Chapstick!


Introducing....drum roll please..... CALI-CO!!! Meet the newest member of our family. That's right. A CAT! Who would have ever imagined the king of this castle would have allowed it??? Not me, I can assure you.

So here's how it happened. While we were on a visit to Cleburne, Jeff & I decided to load up the kids for a little trip to Lowe's to look at some new Christmas lights for the house. We pulled up and parked next to us was a Z-71 truck. When we hopped out of the car, we could hear frantic meowing, and after searching for a few seconds, we found this sweet little thing lodged in between the bed of the pickup and the gas tank. She was STUCK! Jeff & I both laid on our backs trying to get her out with no luck. After a few minutes of trying to coax her, pull, push, etc., Jeff hops up and says, "Well, let's go!" Ummm...are you SERIOUS?! I look at him and with Reese by my side as ammunition (it's the brown eyes) I say "I don't THINK SO buddy! We're not going ANYWHERE till we get that cat out!" So down he went on his back for another rescue session, and off I went inside to find the owner of the truck. To make a long story short (I'm not very good at that I realize), I come outside with the owner (who advised me to just shoot the cat..really dude?) to two young Lowes employees laying on their backs under the truck pushing and prodding...they were as determined as I was! So after about 20 minutes of this, out she came...the sweetest, most adorable little cat. We all just kind of looked at each other like, NOW WHAT? We couldn't just let her go right there in the middle of town!

Hence the new family member. Jeff said Reese & I "broke" him. Yep. Just like an untame horse, honey. You didn't stand a chance.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mase Funnies

Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, Mase & I had some interesting conversations. The kid always cracks me up!

Scenario #1:
Mason was complaining that his big toe was hurting because he got it slammed in the door earlier in the night.

Me: "Mason, let mamma kiss your toe." *smoooooch* There, does that feel better?"

Mase: Pause. Looks up for a minute as if to be thinking..."MO-OM!!!! Your kisses are MAGIC! Can they kill bigfoot?"


Scenario #2:
Putting Mason to bed tonight after a day full of spankings for him and way too much mean mom voice for me.

Me: "Mason, let's try to have a better day tomorrow, ok?"

Mase: "Whyyyy?"

Me: "Well, because you were pretty naughty today."

Mase: "Pretty? Like a girl dancing with sparkly pants pretty?"

Aaaaaghhhh!!! What am I gonna do with that kid????

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Although the actual celebration of Halloween doesn't make my Top 3 list for favorite holidays, I am all about any excuse to wear and/or decorate with the colors orange and black. Apparently, Reese has been brainwashed influenced to do the same, as she picked out this festive orange & black butterfly outfit. Enjoy the pics.


This was the first season both kids played soccer, and WE SURVIVED!! We were so fortunate that the kids had their practices at the same time on the same days of the week. I'm not sure we would have made it through, otherwise. Jeff & his cousin, Joey, coached Mase's team, and Reese had a new coach this year who we really liked. It was a great season, and we learned that Mason really emjoys soccer and Reese is ready to move on to tumbling. WAH! Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped about the tumbling choice, but she really is pretty good at soccer and I would love for her to stick with it at least one more season. We shall see.

Here are a few pics of the season.

Reese in action!

The "Crazy" Giants.


Reese getting some good kicks in.

I love how she's just sitting back smiling in this pic. It's still all about havin fun.

Run Reese, RUN!!

These were our "Aces"...Case, Mase & Ace.

There is that tongue-in-cheek thing again. I hear it's a Weyers trait. ;-)

Mason made lots of new friends on his soccer team.
We just loved this little guy!

Mason's Masterpieces

It's been fun watching Mason's personality develop into a bright, creative, fun little boy over the past couple years. He always amazes us with his treasure hunting abilities - usually consisting of some sort of nut, leaf, stick, nails or bolts. I have learned to just carry a stash of ziploc baggies with me because you never know when he might get the urge to go scrounging around a nearby parking lot. He's also shown potential as an artist/architect/engineer or sorts with a few of his latest projects. It's fun to dream up what career path he may choose in life. Anyway, here are a few pics of some cool projects Little Manny has come up with all on his own in the past few months. They really do amaze me! Sorry...only partial shameless bragging. Just kidding! No I'm not. Yes I am. No I'm not. Yes I am. ha ha Rachel!.

Here is the most recent invention. He hammered a bunch of nails into this tree in our backyard and created "nut holders" so he can feed the squirrels. LOVE IT!

So duper proud.

This was a water balloon Mase blew up and used a "bad pen" (permanent marker) to make a face on it.

This was all Mason's idea. He had painted a bunch of artwork and decided he'd like to display it for the neighborhood to see, so he took it upon himself to once again find some nails & a hammer and went to town posting his art collection on the tree in the front yard. Awesome.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reese made a funny!

Reese: Momma, today when we were sitting on the ground in a circle at soccer practice, someone tooted.

Me: Really? Ewwww...

Reese: was SO RANCHY!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He's got crazy skillz...

Last year, Mason stared practicing the hulu hoop. He had seen Reese do it and of course wanted to be like his big sister. And he may have seen his mamma sneak in an occasional hula move, of which you'll see NO video footage.

Anyway, this video shows his progression over the last year and there is actually a noticable improvement! I bet in a couple months he will be a Hula Hooping Pro! But for now, maybe we should just focus on soccer... Check it out. And by the way, I am completely ashamed of myself and they way I am laughing at Mason's expense. But it's still funny!

Jumping Jack Flash

In an effort to crack down on all the annoying bickering at our house lately, I started a new way to discipline my kids when they are disrespectful to me or to each other. I make them do either 10 push-ups, or 10 jumping jacks, and I add more in increments of 5's if they whine about it. Works like a charm and they even get in a little extra exercise! Plus it's waaaaaaaay more fun than spanking. When I asked Mase to do 10 jumping jacks earlier, he looked and me and said "I don't know how!". So I had him give me a demonstration, and he was right! Check out his sweet little video.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soccer Stars

YAY for soccer season! This is Reese's 5th season to play, and Mason's 1st. Reese moved up a league this year and is now playing on a larger field. Lots of running! Jeff and Joey (Jeff's cousin) are coaching Mason's team and doing a great job. We have such great kids on our team!

Both Reese & Mason had their first games this past weekend and all I can say is that it was very entertaining. I'm pretty sure all of you would have paid good money to watch the 4 year old boys. One of the highlights for me (although I shouldn't admit it) was when one of Mason's little teammates grabbed his shirt and knocked him down right when Mase was about to score. Mason then proceeded to jump up, push the teammate down and with the look of pure rage in his eyes, yell "You are MEAN!!" at him. I promise we don't teach him to do those things at home... But there is a possibility his grandad does. ha!

So here are just a few pictures that highlight the day. I have a few more pics of Mason probably because during Reese's game, I was preoccupied with chasing him around! I was soooo proud of both kids and the way they played and just had a good time.

The coolest #4 players I know with Coach Joey.

Reese getting a little action.

Look at that fancy footwork!

Mason making a break for it.

Ummmm....not sure what this move is.

Notice the pure tongue-in-cheek concentration.

These kids were like dominoes!

And this is how we ended the game...still mad.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Again, I've been MIA on the bloggie blog. I just can't seem to find the time to sit down, collect my thoughts, and then actually type them in a comprehendible format. What can I's been a crazy year. Anyhoo, the blog is (hopefully) back and I am really going to try to have more frequent posts.

So what better way to (re)debut than with the first day of school? Looking forward to an awesome year!!

Mason on his first day of preschool for this year.

Love this little guy!

Ms. Sarah & Mrs. Janet, you better watch out for this one!!

Sweet Reese. First day of 1st Grade!!!

Daddy walking Reese to her classroom.

Yippeee for Mrs. Stasey!!

I can do this, I can do this....

Big girl sitting at her desk on the first day. No tears!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls ONLY day trip!

So Reese got an American Girl Doll for her birthday this year. My many attempts at shielding her from the AGD craze failed miserably when she recieved a catalog right before Christmas last year. She was smitten. We held out and did not get one for Christmas in hopes she would forget about it, but when her birthday rolled around this past May, it was at the top of her list. Luckily, both sets of grandparents went in together and bought what is now one of Reese's most prized possesions - Emily. She is an AGD that looks just like Reese.

Of all the things Reese wanted to do this summer, going to the AG store in Dallas was a big one. And not just going. She had specific criteria. She wanted her best friend Aubrey, Aubrey's mom Traca, Mimi, and Mommy to go too! Days went by and time got away and before we knew it, it was time to go back to school! So I frantically scheduled a day trip for the 5 of us a few days before school started. With Traca's mad navigation skills and Mimi's gasping from the back of the car at my "big city" driving, we finally made it.

We had a great time, and just kind of stood in awe at all the doll clothes that were WAY too expensive and all on the cutting edge of style. There was no way WE (people with such frugal and rational budgeting minds) were going to buy ANY of it. An hour later I walked out of the store with Reese decked out with outfits to match not only her AGD, but also Big Baby. Traca took the bait as well. Needless to say, don't go to that evil store unless you are prepared to drop some cash on completely cute but overpriced clothes. Here are some pics of our day.

Gotta love the cheesy quote, but LOOK! - I'm taller than someone!!


Mimi & Reese

Mom & Reese

Two of my favorite girls.

Reese with her babies.

The infamous Big Baby & Emily enjoying their lunch.

Two happy girls ready to go back home with all their overpriced loot!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NY Trip Summer 2010

We were finally able to get back to NY this year for a little summer vacation and to visit Jeff's family. It had been 5 years since we'd been back (BAD KIDS!), so we had a week jam-packed full of seeing family and experiencing everything Jeff loves from his hometown. Reid's hot dog anyone??? Here are a few pics of our fabulous week.

The Fam at Niagara Falls.

Mom & Reese at Niagara Falls

BREATHTAKING!!!! Thank you God for your majesty!

I'm pretty sure Mason found his true love on this trip. Fishing. The kid can't get enough. And he's really good at it! He can cast a line like nobody's business.

Brothers & BFF's Craigy and Jeffy

Aunt Ginny & Reeso. Awwwww...we love you Aunt Ginny!

Mason & Uncle Craig

Reese, being the animal lover she is, found an instant love connection with Boone Dog. She asked if we could bring her home with us. If it wasn't for that little inconvenience of packing a dog in a suitcase, I probably would have agreed. I love that dog!

Reese & Mase at Lake Ontario

One of the HUGE old trees at the Lake. The trees were A-MAZING!

It doesn't get much better than this for Reesie. Meet Bitsy. When these two met, it was all over. Morning, noon & night Reese wanted to ride Bitsy. I'm thinking horse riding lessons are in our future.

Reese & her cousin, Haley.

The Raymondjack side!