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Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly...Colossians 3:16

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turning over a new um, pine tree

No doubt the year of 2009 has brought about many changes for our family. And just for poops and giggles, we're going to add a few more. Just to fill you in, I have spent the last 32 Christmas holidays (Christmas Eve and morning) at my Grandparent's house in Kansas. I have soooo many precious memories of those times. If you are a close friend of mine, you have surely heard a few. Over the course of those 32 years, there were many traditions started - a few intentional, most by accident. One example of a tradition that has started with my own kids is that on Christmas Eve at Grandiddy's house, "Santa Claus" i.e. Mike VanCampen (neighbor of Grandiddy's and long-time family friend) comes for a nice little visit. This is no ordinary merry and bright Santa visit, let me just tell you. This particular Santa has a bit of a fire under his shiny black belt. He usually comes bearing gifts of flatulence, crude humor and a few jabs at whoever is the closest target. He never fails to make everyone in the room laugh until they cry, and usually succeeds at making my cheeks turn a certain pinkish color. The children just stare in awe...completely CONFUSED but loving it.

So since we're going to be spending our very first ever Christmas at HOME in Texas this year, I've been trying to think up some new traditions for our family. I hadn't even considered having Santa come to our house on Christmas Eve like the kids have become accustomed to (ok, they totally expect it) until Mason asked me this morning, "Momma, where is Santa Claus gonna sit?" Crap. Really? You're telling me I have to find someone who is willing to come dressed in a big red Santa suit on Christmas Eve? You've GOT to be kidding me. And it can't be just anyone. The only people I know who would do something like that for me are Jeff's amazing guy friends (hint hint) but my kids would totally catch on to that, so I'm thinking it needs to be someone they don't know - at least not well.

All that to say, it is November 23rd and I have less than a month to find someone who can pull this off. It's either that, or come up with a really good excuse why Santa ditched us this year. Yeah...I'm not seeing that one happen. Any volunteers????

And by the way, if you would like to share your favorite Christmas traditions (please, please, please, please, please), just leave a comment. I would love to hear them! Just don't be surprised if we steal it for the 1st annual Weyers Family Christmas Extravaganza. To be continued....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tribute to my favorite dog in the world

Gosh. Sitting down to hash this out again just about kills me. It's been almost 2 weeks ago now that the end to an era arrived. The Rocky Era. It was 13 great, hilarious, frustrating, entertaining, and love-filled years with that silly dog. We woke up on that last Sunday morning to a very sick, tired dog. I was so not expececting it. He had just been barking at our cows the night before. When I held that little guy in my arms and realized the decision that was ahead of me, I could have just melted into the soil of this earth. It happened so fast. There was no time to just sit and hold him for hours like I wanted. Of course I look back on the days leading up to this and wish so much I would have just STOPPED the busy course of my life and just held him for even a few minutes without interruption. I'm sure I was too busy doing laundry, picking up after someone, doing paperwork or some other "meaningful" task. Dang it. I don't want to live my life that way.

Anyway, I am so thankful for the chance to have had Rocky Dog in our family. Isn't it funny how God can use a little dog of all things to bring a family together? Rocky was definitely a tool used by God. We know that and we were so blessed to have him for 13 years.

So to you, the BEST little dog I've ever known: Thank you for making us laugh, being such a good sport with the kids and just brightening our days. I know the squirrels miss you chasing them, buddy. You were so good at that game. I miss your bark. I miss the sound of your collar clanking back and forth when you walk through the house. You always had such a little kick in your step. Happy Dog. You will ALWAYS be loved and NEVER be forgotten. I love you Rocky Top. See ya soon.