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Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly...Colossians 3:16

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The pinky saga continues...

For those of you who have been faithfully following Jeff's pinky progress, I thought I would post some pics of the outcome of the most recent surgery, which was yesterday. The good news is the doctor DID find and remove the 2 stitches that were left in his pinky from the surgery 3 years ago (don't ask if you don't already know). The bad news is that the doctor still isn't convinced Jeff will get to keep the tip of his finger. We should know more about that in a few weeks. We're praying that everything heals nicely and that he isn't reduced to "The man with 9 and 3/4 fingers". Not that there's anything wrong with that.... ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeffy!

34 Reasons I love you more today:

1) You are an amazing husband and daddy.

2) You taught Reese how to ride her bike, tie her shoes AND whistle. Oh, and YOU were the one there when she took her first steps.

3) You humor me when I do my tour de Blackwell and reminisce about the good ole days.

4) You fake it with me and dance like a "Real Texan" at out of state weddings. ;-)

5) You cry at my Grandad's funeral and drive around the country to be there like it's no big deal.

6) You drive around the country like it's no big deal.

7) You love church.

8) You sing all the words to Ice Ice Baby without skipping a beat.

9) You love OSU almost as much as I do and you're from New York.

10) My family is Your family.

11) You let me keep the dogs and even let them sleep with us when I'm feeling sorry for them.

12) You gave Rocky his IV fluids when I couldn't stand to do it. (You're my hero)

13) You know everything about everything. (how do you DO that?)

14) You know just how to cook my steak.

15) You finally sing in the choir!

16) You look HOT in your Carhartt.

17) You make friends, then you make them family.

18) You read the bible to Mason at night.

19) You still give me a hard time when you get in bed first because I'm scared of the dark. "watch it..."

20) You know the significance of George W. Buuuush, Joseffi's, Fazzio's, and "chipot-el".(Sorry Mom...couldn't resist)

21) When you hear the song "Fly" by Sugar Ray, it takes you back to the black truck.

22) You read the instructions.

23) You work HARD. You hate to sit. Thanks for all you do.

24) You get excited about the future.

25) You want to travel the Big 12 with me in a motor home someday... ahhhh...

26) You LOVE cows. Not dairy cows necessarily...just cows in general.

27) You gave me a clean house (and new kitchen!) to come home to after my girls trip.

28) You listened to me cry when I wanted to come home from the girls trip...then you told me to go have fun and I was all better.

29) You watch DWTS with me and sometimes even the Bachelorette if you're being really nice.

30) You love to yell at hotel managers and you take care of "biness" when necessary.

31) You never stop learning.

32) You have integrity.

33) You take care of all things rodent, furry, scaly, creepy, crawly, and slimy. Ummm..thanks.

34) You LOVE ME!

Happy Birthday to you. I pray for you this year will be full of happiness, adventure, exciting change, and abundant success. I love you babe!