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Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly...Colossians 3:16

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Manny is 3!

Three years. Three long, hard years. No, just kidding. Actually, maybe only half kidding. Three years ago my precious, high maintenance bundle of joy of a boy came into this world and he hasn't stopped tearing it up since. Mason is finally THREE! He has been telling people for the last few months he is "almost three" and now he can just say "I'm THREE!" And guess what happened the day he turned three? He gave up his "pie pie" (pacifier) cold turkey. That's right people. That thing nearly sent Mimi to her grave and I can't tell you how many times I was woken up right smack dab in the middle of REM sleep to go retrieve it in the middle of the night. And Little Manny literally gave it up cold turkey. I am so proud of you, Mase! And so ever thankful...

I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. I love the little things about you. How you love to open doors for "the ladies". You look at mommy and tell her she is sooooo pretty. You hold both of my cheeks in the palms of your hands when you give me a kiss. How you know how to scream like a man. How you insist on eating breakfast the second your feet hit the floor in the morning. How you dream about flying a batman rocket up to the stars when you become a daddy. How you can belt out the words to I'll Fly Away in the backseat. Your absolute LOVE for anything Superheros, especially Batman. The way you hold big frogs. All these things are wrapped up in the package that is Mason and I love every bit of it. Even the days we have that are rough, I can sit and watch you sleep and know everything is going to be ok. Thank you Lord, for giving me this strong, hilarious, smart and driven child. I can't wait to see all the gifts and talents God gives you to use on this earth. I can already see you have a very determined mind like your Daddy. You can do anything you set your heart to little buddy! Here are a few pics of the last three years of Mason's life. Happy Birthday Little Manny!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertiiiiime Baby favorite time of year is finally here! Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure I say that about every season, but it's just because I love them ALL so much! Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks that show we are enjoying our summer so far. Swimming, eating popsicles, riding bikes,'s been great! Now we're just waiting for our summer vacationers to get here and we'll be all set. Can't wait!