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Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Chocolate Frenzy Begin!

O. M. G. Why didn't someone tell me not to buy the candy that I like for stuffing the easter eggs for my children? I'm so writing that on the calendar for next year. Apparently my memory failed me from last year...I do not remember being so out of control in the chocolate department! WOW. If I eat one more pastel chocolate easter egg I'm going to break out with acne like a 14 year old. Yep, pretty sure of it. And what's up with all the new flavors of jelly beans? Sweetarts, starburst, jolly rancher, etc. Not that I'm complaining, but I think we all know Jelly Bellies rule in this category hands down. I mean, who can resist a good tutti frutti jelly belly? You know - the ones that taste dead on like a piece of Juicy Fruit gum? Oh, you know you look for that one every time. Or maybe the popcorn flavored ones just so you can taste how much it REALLY does taste like in the heck do they DO that? I'm not sure but as much as I dislike the flavor of that jelly bean, I continue to try it time after time.

Anyhoo...back to the real reason I'm posting tonight, which is really just to share a few photos of Easter weekend with ya. Peace out.


elle's mom said...

uh. we bought elle candy. what the?! she can't even EAT candy. ggrrr. never again. and yeh. why did we buy her robin's eggs, dove dark chocolates and sweet tart jelly beans?

i am seriously going to have to enter sugar rehab.

Hollie said...

I am a mean mom. I bought crappy candy (laughy taffy, nerds, sweet tarts) AND we didn't dye eggs. We took the easy route and stuffed plastic eggs. What kind of mom doesn't dye eggs with her 3 year old? Oh well, she didn't know any different. I'll be a better mom next year.....