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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flower Power!!!

The day is finally here when I can start filling my calendar up with practices, games, team pictures and parties!! Wooo hoooo!!!! Some of my favorite memories growing up revolve around going to sporting events with my family. Whether it was traveling to watch Benji play baseball, or going as a family to a Royals, WSU or OSU baseball game in the summertime, I love, love, love the memories. If you grew up in Blackwell, do you remember going to DQ after a game so the coach could treat you to an ice cream cone? The parking lot (if that's what you want to call it) would be full of kids riding in the backs of pick-up trucks sweating to death waiting for ice cream or a grape push-up if you were me. Man, I am having a hankering for one of those babies right now....

Anyway, I thought I would share a few photos of Reese's soccer game last weekend. Mimi & Grandad were able to come watch and she did a great job! She saved THREE whole goals from going in...I was so proud! Considering the first time she was goalie, she just stood there with her fingers in her mouth and watched the ball go right smack into the net like there was nothing she could (or would) do about it. Oh, what a month of practice will do! Let the games begin!!!

Reese saved a goal and is throwing the ball back to her team.

Giving Daddy "knuckles" for a job well done.

Celebrating a fun day of soccer with Mimi & Grandad.

Reese & Daddy watching her team.


Trisha said...

love the knucles picture!

cherry dipped come for me!

Trisha said...

uh, knuckles. :)

Milk Maker said...

i remember that at DQ!! oh what good memories! we we let our kids ride around in the back of a truck now??

Minnie said...

You still see lots of trucks with kids in the back at the DQ! Of course, they may have gotten by some other means!

Wished I could Fed-X you a grape push-up, I would!