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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Out at the Ranch

The girls and I took all our kiddos out to Traca's family ranch this past Tuesday. Thankfully we were able to stay a few hours and let the kids run off some energy since the last few days we've all pretty much been stuck inside because of the rain. They had a blast finding "seashells" aka snails, a very large and stinky turtle shell, plenty of ladybugs, all kinds of rocks, dinosaur tracks, and looking (unsuccessfully) for arrowheads. Thanks, Traca for sharing your beautiful place with us!

Mason & Sophie holding hands on our hike.
They did not stop talking the whole time.

Mason driving June Bug all around town.

Here they come...

There they go...

Oh, how I love these girls!!!

The "Big Girls"

Aubrey & Reese posing for a pretty picture.

All the kiddos sans June Bug & Brooks...where were they???



Trisha said...

Those are some great pics Jodi! What editing program did you go with? Looks like you already having fun with your camera!

dawn said...

look at you! you're like angeline's photography! ha ha. i'd like to know what editing program you're using. i use photoshop at work. i probably don't edit photos much because i'm on it ALL. DAY. LONG.

The Milfords said...

I loved the pics! Thanks for bringing your fancy camera with you. We had so much fun and now we have some great pics too!

My fav is the one of the three of us laughing. It's how I always picture us.