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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My little bruiser

"Congratulations Reese!!" That's what Uncle Benji told her when he heard Reese got her first set of stitches today. 6 stitches to be exact. I must say, I really thought Mase would be the one to send me into a frenzy to the ER first, but Reese takes that trophy. Actually, as luck would have it (the day AFTER St. Patrick's Day, mind you) Mimi and Grandad happen to be very good friends with their family doctor in Cleburne who had us come to the BACK DOOR - that's right, people - of his clinic for prime time, first class treatment. Oh yeah baby...that's what living in a small town will do for ya and I'm so ever grateful! I'm not above taking advantage of the 'ole "friends in high places" adage. Sign me up! And thank you again Grandad for making that phone call. You saved us from the wrath of the Cleburne ER. Shiver.

We were at Mimi & Grandad's for a couple days while Jeff was gone this week, and they had so sweetly placed a ladder on their back porch for the kids to hop up on to peek into the hanging basket above for a little looksey at two tiny dove eggs. The kids had both been up & down that ladder several times in the last 2 days, but somehow this afternoon Reese missed the bottom step on her way down and went head first to the concrete. OUCH. I had just stepped inside for a second (isn't that the way it always happens) and I heard her scream super loud, and when I walked outside all I saw was a big, huge GOUGE on her chin and lots & lots of blood. I knew immediately it would require stitches. And can I just tell you how proud I was when Reese didn't cry when she was getting her stitches? That amazes me. I guess I must be a big fat wimp or something, but I'm pretty sure I would want to cry TODAY if I got stitches and I'm 32. I did learn one thing about myself today, and that is that apparently when I see a big 4 inch long needle going into my precious baby's open wound, it is beneficial for everyone involved if I just go ahead and find myself a seat, put my head between my knees and take really huge calculated breaths. Huh. Didn't know that about myself until a few hours ago. Evidently I don't have the stomach of steel I've so prided myself on my whole life. Interesting find.

Anyhoo, thought I would grace you with a very graphic picture of our little bruiser and her battle wound. Stinkin' ladder. Oh, and I also included a picture of my little shadow, Adrienne, perched where she sits and keeps me company while I blog. I love you little chubby dog.

No, I did not ask Adrienne to stick her tongue out at
you in this picture...she did that on her own accord.


Trisha said...

owie! what a big girl you are Reese!

Matt and Deachi said...

Oh man! Ouch! Hope it heals real soon!

The Geijsel Family said...

Oh Jodi! I am so sorry poor Reese!! I can sooo relate.. when Gracelyn feel and had to get STAPLES in her head. I had to take her to the ER and did what I said I would never do... I had to hold her in my lap while taking her to town! It was awful!!!! Gracelyn was such a big girl the whole time... I think she thought it was me because I was covered in blood! I mean covered in blood. I never realized how much blood a head wound has! I hope that is okay and I hope that never happens again!!!