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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reese & Grandma Weyers coloring some pretty pictures

Mason & Grandma Weyers feeding the stinky animal at Fossil Rim

Mimi & GW at Babe's in Granbury

Three of my favorite girls

Grandparents Unite!

It's even better than Santa!! We were so glad to have Grandma Weyers come for a visit this past week. She is such an easy house guest. She is not the type of mother-in-law that meddles or throws little punches in about my parenting (although I'm sure there are times she would like to!). I actually felt better about myself and how at times I complain that Mason is a handful when she was here for about a day and added on her own accord that "WOW! Mason is a stinker!". She didn't exactly use that word, but the word she did use shouldn't be repeated on my blog. ha ha! I love you for that, Grandma Weyers. She just laughs at all of Mason's antics because she knows it is SERIOUS paybacks for Jeff being the onery toddler he was. And I'm sure I'll get mine when Reese turns about 13-14. From what I hear, I was no angel. ;-) Anyway, here are a few pics from the week.

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