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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Held Hostage

If you could have been at our house yesterday afternoon, you would have wondered how in the world I am capable of caring for and sustaining the lives of two little human beings. Seriously...I hate to admit it, but it was my first time EVER - at least that my memory serves me of it won't believe it...homemade sugar cookies! Yep. That's right. I know. It's not possible you are saying. But it's true. I know my many domestic friends (you know who you are) are all abhorred by this confession, but wow,...I somehow feel a huge relief just for saying it. Thanks.

Anyway, as I was saying, the kids and I were stuck inside the house yesterday for most of the day due to the frigid temps and freezing rain we enjoyed all day long. (That's me having a positive attitude). We ran a few of our errands early in the morning so we could get it over with, not realizing that meant we would be in the house the ENTIRE rest of the day. I'm cool. I can handle this. I started to feel guilty about letting Reese watch yet Care Bear movie, so I started thinking, "What would I be doing right now with my kids to keep them occupied on a not so beautiful day like today if I was a really cool mom"? So...I drug out June Shepherd's sugar cookie recipe (sorry Colette - yours has to chill overnight and I wanted cookies in an hour) and slapped the kids up on the kitchen counter and told them it was TIME TO HAVE FUN! They looked at me like I was nuts. We got all the ingredients out, started throwing them all together, (meanwhile Mason found out that pure Crisco - as appealing as it looks, does not taste so good) and started mixing. After all our hard labor and teaching Reese to use a mixer all by herself (I feel like mom of the year!), we were finished with the cookie part and onto the next step of making the frosting. I didn't have a frosting recipe, so I was going to go into the other room to look for one online. As I surveyed the situation I was about to leave the kids in, I realize that
1) They are both up on the countertop TOGETHER which can't be a good thing
2) Reese has her little turtle on the countertop with them in a baby bassinet (yeah, I know...real sanitary. Don't eat any of our cookies. That's your warning.)
3) There is flour, sugar, crisco, and a breakable bottle of vanilla all within their reach
4) There is an entire batch of sugar cookie dough they would be more than happy to devour should I turn my head for one teeny second.

As I was reluctantly walking away, knowing all these things mentioned above, I said, "I'll be right back - don't do anything stupid!" Reese gasps and says "Mommy! We don't SAY that word!" And without skipping a beat, Mason yells, "STUPID!" Nice, Jodi. Real nice. You spend countless hours teaching your kids the "naughty word list" and then you drop the bomb. C'mon now.

So, I come back with my handy dandy new recipe for butter frosting, and go to roll out my dough. What the heck? Why is it so sticky? It's sticking to everything! My countertop, rolling pin, fingers. Should I have chilled it like Colette's recipe? But it didn't SAY that in June's recipe in the Gamma Phi cookbook. And I KNOW June would not let me down like that...or would she? June Shepherd probably thinks EVERYONE - especially any domesticated young lady such as myself would know that you have to chill the dough first, so why would she need to include that in her recipe? Ahhh...gotcha. So everyone knows that, huh? I go back online and google "how to roll out sugar cookie dough". Pretty much everything I find says to chill overnight. Dang it! I want a cookie and I want it now! is one that says chill 4 hours...I can handle that. So we chill the dough, eat dinner, make the cookies, frost the cookies, and all is well. And you know what? They were pretty darn amazing! And we even had fun...


Trisha said...

I have that book too! It's a good one.

And you know if it a recipe from June, it's a good one! I bet they were yummy!

The Milfords said...

You should have called! I have a 1 hour later sugar cookies recipe I would have shared. But mine does not require turtles, so it might not have worked.

I may have to stop by to try one. Turtle germs and all.

dawn said...

i was just about to leave a snarky comment about this with no photographical proof. and then you had to show off and POST ANOTHER BLOG.

show off!