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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Breakthrough

Oh my gosh, guess what? Guess what I found in my hall closet yesterday while we were baking cookies? AN OLD DIGITAL CAMERA! Oh yeah baby. I'm back. It is an old, old, old, old, old, Kodak EasyShare. I'm talkin' the kind where you snap the picture and then it takes it like 2 whole seconds later. It is SWEET. Probably the first one they came out with. I know it was our very first digital camera and we were oh so proud of it. Anyway, I popped in some fresh new batteries and holy cow - IT WORKED! But wait a minute...where is the know, that cord that attaches to the camera and the computer so you can download pictures? Awwww man!!! I need the cord! Where could it be? As organized as I am (usually) I cannot for the life of me locate the cord. I take pictures on the camera of the kids being hilarious while we make cookies, but I can't share them with you because I have NO CORD. Wait a minute. Jeff will know what to do. I'll call him. apparently there is this thing at Walmart called a memory card reader that you stick the memory card from your camera into, hook it up to your computer, then you can get all your photos! Awesome! That will work. But that means I have to make another trip to Walmart. I was just there today. I have a very strick rule about not visiting that store more than once a day. Just a personal thing. Hmmm...I guess I'll have to wait then. Pictures of Cookie Making Day to come...


The Milfords said...

We may have another ISB cord here at home. Let me look around and I will email you

No breaking the once-per-day Walmart rule.

Johnny and Alisha said...

Hey, just try any USB cable you have and I'll bet it might work!