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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ages & Stages

Ahhhh...the potty training stage. Yep. We're there. I have to say, I am overly impressed with how Mason has taken to the whole pottyin' in the toilet idea. Notice I said IDEA. He understands that when it's time to go, the goal is to go in the toilet. It's just that our aim isn't that great yet. And judging from what I hear from other moms who have been through this stage, it takes awhile before that gets a whole lot better. He has peed on the wall, in the trashcan, on the floor, down the side of the toilet, on the lid of the toilet and no telling where else. Bless his little heart. And bless my little heart for having to clean it! And all this while he's standing in front of it genuinely trying to aim at the little hole INSIDE the toilet! I just need to buy stock in Clorox wipes. And that wouldn't be a bad idea for the rest of you either.

So he's got the potty in the toilet thing down, but as of yesterday had yet to perform #2 on the toilet (except for the one exception at Traca's house which I am starting to believe was an accident!). So....while Mason was visiting Mimi this past week I ventured off to WallyMart to purchase a brand spankin new seventeen dollar potty chair. And guess what? It worked! I gave him the pep talk yesterday morning and he did it! He poopied in the potty chair. I was pumped. Obviously, I must have been if I am blogging about it. Mason is going to KILL me when he is a teenager. ;-) Anyhoo..we dumped his duty in the toilet, and I left the room while he was going to flush it. I neglected to realize he decided to throw some (and when I say some, I mean a roll) of toilet paper in there with it. Uh-huh. The result: $70 dollars worth of plumbing repair this afternoon. Gotta love it. I could have put that money toward a new pair of jeans I've been lusting over at the Fancy Pheasant! Darn it. Stinkin (literally) plumbing system.

So, not to be completely disgusting, I took a little picture of our clogged toilet. I finally got a memory card reader that is compatible with the SD card in my ancient camera that takes fuzzy pictures. I just like to have pictures of proof of my stories so someday I can look back and laugh. Not today. But soon.


Trisha said...

Oh the joy of potty training! I know Ellie is ready but I don't want to go there... yet.

Hayes sat down on the toilet instead of standing up for quite awhile... until Kyle made me let him stand up. I guess he had to learn the aiming thing at some point. He is still working on it!

Good luck!

dawn said...

barf.o.rama. gag me. ew. ick.

i think you've lost your mind with the photo. jeff might want to take that makeshift camera away from you.


McGregor Family said...

OH NO!!! Good luck!!! Meg is not potty training like Maggie did but no kid is alike. The thing that makes me mad is she knows exactly what she is doing!!!! So I try not to give her any reaction because that is what that little toot wants!!!!!!!

haywardfam said...

I seriously clean my toilet daily, everytime the kids are in the bathtub. AND no matter how much I clean it, I still smell pee. It's somewhere I can't find. I am obsessed with finding the pee smell! The joys of boys is right!! AWESOME that he went on the potty though! It might have been worth the $70!