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Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly...Colossians 3:16

Monday, December 28, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. We made it. The holidays are over, my house is back in order, I've officially gained a couple is good. We had a WONDERFUL experience for the 1st Annual Weyers Christmas Extravagazna! We were even fortunate enough to get a couple inches of snow on Christmas Eve to make it a beautiful, white Christmas. Doesn't get any better than that. Except for one little thing...poor Uncle Benji was stranded in Ponca City by himself because of the nasty blizzard in Oklahoma. Mom actually held up pretty well under the circumstances. As a mom myself, I know it must have broken her heart to know he was by himself for Christmas. We'll be ready to see him this weekend and finally get to celebrate!

Since this was the first Christmas for us to be in our own home, we decided to implement a few new traditions. Below are some pics of a few of them. Merry Christmas everyone!

Meet Rocky, the Elf. Rocky mysteriously showed up at our house when we returned from Mimi & Grandad's after Thanksgiving. Rocky is magic and flies back to the North Pole each night to tell Santa if Reese & Mason have been naughty or nice that day. Then he shows up the next morning in a new spot. The kids LOVED looking for Rocky every morning.

Giving Santa their wish lists. Mase wasn't so sure...

Reese pouring the milk to go with Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve.

Reese & Mason got to open 2 gifts on Christmas Eve. One was their pajamas, the other was a Hallmark ornament. This will definitely be something we do every year.

Decorating gingerbread houses.

Jeff's not so sure this is something we'll add to our new traditions list...he got stuck doing most of the work!

Reese at her school Christmas program. Very sweet.

Mason at the Christmas program. So cute!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turning over a new um, pine tree

No doubt the year of 2009 has brought about many changes for our family. And just for poops and giggles, we're going to add a few more. Just to fill you in, I have spent the last 32 Christmas holidays (Christmas Eve and morning) at my Grandparent's house in Kansas. I have soooo many precious memories of those times. If you are a close friend of mine, you have surely heard a few. Over the course of those 32 years, there were many traditions started - a few intentional, most by accident. One example of a tradition that has started with my own kids is that on Christmas Eve at Grandiddy's house, "Santa Claus" i.e. Mike VanCampen (neighbor of Grandiddy's and long-time family friend) comes for a nice little visit. This is no ordinary merry and bright Santa visit, let me just tell you. This particular Santa has a bit of a fire under his shiny black belt. He usually comes bearing gifts of flatulence, crude humor and a few jabs at whoever is the closest target. He never fails to make everyone in the room laugh until they cry, and usually succeeds at making my cheeks turn a certain pinkish color. The children just stare in awe...completely CONFUSED but loving it.

So since we're going to be spending our very first ever Christmas at HOME in Texas this year, I've been trying to think up some new traditions for our family. I hadn't even considered having Santa come to our house on Christmas Eve like the kids have become accustomed to (ok, they totally expect it) until Mason asked me this morning, "Momma, where is Santa Claus gonna sit?" Crap. Really? You're telling me I have to find someone who is willing to come dressed in a big red Santa suit on Christmas Eve? You've GOT to be kidding me. And it can't be just anyone. The only people I know who would do something like that for me are Jeff's amazing guy friends (hint hint) but my kids would totally catch on to that, so I'm thinking it needs to be someone they don't know - at least not well.

All that to say, it is November 23rd and I have less than a month to find someone who can pull this off. It's either that, or come up with a really good excuse why Santa ditched us this year. Yeah...I'm not seeing that one happen. Any volunteers????

And by the way, if you would like to share your favorite Christmas traditions (please, please, please, please, please), just leave a comment. I would love to hear them! Just don't be surprised if we steal it for the 1st annual Weyers Family Christmas Extravaganza. To be continued....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tribute to my favorite dog in the world

Gosh. Sitting down to hash this out again just about kills me. It's been almost 2 weeks ago now that the end to an era arrived. The Rocky Era. It was 13 great, hilarious, frustrating, entertaining, and love-filled years with that silly dog. We woke up on that last Sunday morning to a very sick, tired dog. I was so not expececting it. He had just been barking at our cows the night before. When I held that little guy in my arms and realized the decision that was ahead of me, I could have just melted into the soil of this earth. It happened so fast. There was no time to just sit and hold him for hours like I wanted. Of course I look back on the days leading up to this and wish so much I would have just STOPPED the busy course of my life and just held him for even a few minutes without interruption. I'm sure I was too busy doing laundry, picking up after someone, doing paperwork or some other "meaningful" task. Dang it. I don't want to live my life that way.

Anyway, I am so thankful for the chance to have had Rocky Dog in our family. Isn't it funny how God can use a little dog of all things to bring a family together? Rocky was definitely a tool used by God. We know that and we were so blessed to have him for 13 years.

So to you, the BEST little dog I've ever known: Thank you for making us laugh, being such a good sport with the kids and just brightening our days. I know the squirrels miss you chasing them, buddy. You were so good at that game. I miss your bark. I miss the sound of your collar clanking back and forth when you walk through the house. You always had such a little kick in your step. Happy Dog. You will ALWAYS be loved and NEVER be forgotten. I love you Rocky Top. See ya soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The pinky saga continues...

For those of you who have been faithfully following Jeff's pinky progress, I thought I would post some pics of the outcome of the most recent surgery, which was yesterday. The good news is the doctor DID find and remove the 2 stitches that were left in his pinky from the surgery 3 years ago (don't ask if you don't already know). The bad news is that the doctor still isn't convinced Jeff will get to keep the tip of his finger. We should know more about that in a few weeks. We're praying that everything heals nicely and that he isn't reduced to "The man with 9 and 3/4 fingers". Not that there's anything wrong with that.... ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeffy!

34 Reasons I love you more today:

1) You are an amazing husband and daddy.

2) You taught Reese how to ride her bike, tie her shoes AND whistle. Oh, and YOU were the one there when she took her first steps.

3) You humor me when I do my tour de Blackwell and reminisce about the good ole days.

4) You fake it with me and dance like a "Real Texan" at out of state weddings. ;-)

5) You cry at my Grandad's funeral and drive around the country to be there like it's no big deal.

6) You drive around the country like it's no big deal.

7) You love church.

8) You sing all the words to Ice Ice Baby without skipping a beat.

9) You love OSU almost as much as I do and you're from New York.

10) My family is Your family.

11) You let me keep the dogs and even let them sleep with us when I'm feeling sorry for them.

12) You gave Rocky his IV fluids when I couldn't stand to do it. (You're my hero)

13) You know everything about everything. (how do you DO that?)

14) You know just how to cook my steak.

15) You finally sing in the choir!

16) You look HOT in your Carhartt.

17) You make friends, then you make them family.

18) You read the bible to Mason at night.

19) You still give me a hard time when you get in bed first because I'm scared of the dark. "watch it..."

20) You know the significance of George W. Buuuush, Joseffi's, Fazzio's, and "chipot-el".(Sorry Mom...couldn't resist)

21) When you hear the song "Fly" by Sugar Ray, it takes you back to the black truck.

22) You read the instructions.

23) You work HARD. You hate to sit. Thanks for all you do.

24) You get excited about the future.

25) You want to travel the Big 12 with me in a motor home someday... ahhhh...

26) You LOVE cows. Not dairy cows necessarily...just cows in general.

27) You gave me a clean house (and new kitchen!) to come home to after my girls trip.

28) You listened to me cry when I wanted to come home from the girls trip...then you told me to go have fun and I was all better.

29) You watch DWTS with me and sometimes even the Bachelorette if you're being really nice.

30) You love to yell at hotel managers and you take care of "biness" when necessary.

31) You never stop learning.

32) You have integrity.

33) You take care of all things rodent, furry, scaly, creepy, crawly, and slimy. Ummm..thanks.

34) You LOVE ME!

Happy Birthday to you. I pray for you this year will be full of happiness, adventure, exciting change, and abundant success. I love you babe!

Monday, September 28, 2009 I've been MIA in the blogging world for quite some time. And there just HAS to be an explanation, right? Of course!

Reason #1: BUSY. Summers are crazy with two kiddos and I just flat out did not put my computer time at the top (or even near the middle) of my priority list.

Reason #2: I was sad. We received news on July 13th - the day before my 33rd birthday that my Grandad Evans had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that had already metastasized to the brain. YIKES. Not exactly the kind of news you expect to be delivered when you go to your family doctor because you've been short of breath lately. Needless to say, it took us all by shock when we lost our beloved Grandiddy. Even though I had prayed that the Lord would not allow him to suffer, I still begged to have him back for even just a day when I found out we no longer had him. You see, we were scheduled to go for a visit that very next weekend. I could not wrap my mind around the idea that I would not see him again on this earth. Get to hug his neck. Give him a hard time about whatever it was I came up with that day. Watch him hug on Reese and Mason. I was so not ready for him to go. To this day, I cannot accept that I can't pick up the phone to see which football game he is watching. But you know what is so cool? The weekend after Grandad went home to be with the Lord and Grammy, there was a "Perfect Trifecta". And he had front row seats to all 3. OSU beats Georgia, K-STATE beats Massachusetts and OU loses to BYU. I don't know if I could have beat him to the phone on that day! He would have been pumped and I would have answered the phone to the sound of his boisterous laughter! And Dawn...I apologize now and you know I love you! ;-)

All that to say, I finally decided to publish the post I wrote the morning I found out about Grandad passing away. For some reason, it gave me comfort to write. I just couldn't share it until now. And I couldn't continue to blog knowing this post was just sitting out there hiding in cyberspace without being included in my journey. So here's to you Grandad. I love you so.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Tribute to the Greatest Man of the Greatest Generation

To my Grandad Evans: I celebrated your reunion with Grammy the second I heard you had passed away this morning. She has been waiting for 5 years to see your face again and I can only imagine the joy, laughter and tears the two of you had when you hugged her in your arms. I can just picture it! Your laugh still rings in my mind as I type this - it is SO YOU! We can all hear your voice telling us "Now kids, stop your cryin and don't make a fuss over me. Oh, and don't make too much food either, cause it will just go to waste." "Now don't change your plans for me, you kids have your own lives too". But you know what Grandad? You are our lives. You mean everything to us. Even though we are far away, there is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you and wonder what kind of trouble you've been causing that day in Turon. What kind of bad jokes you've been telling at the coffee shop. If you're getting along ok. I hope you know how much of an example you have been in my life personally. I will never see the color purple without thinking about you and your love for those K-State Wildcats. Even when they're playing OSU, there is still a part of me that roots for them just to see you smile. ;-) Thank you for instilling in me the love for sports. Take a look down your family tree and it is obvious that you may have had some influence there, don't ya think? We are all nuts! In a good, healthy way of course. ha!

You are loved, you will be missed, and I thank you so much for the things you have taught me - even when you thought I wasn't looking. Watch over me Grandad...

I took this picture on my way up to see you for what was not knowingly the last time. I will think of you everytime I see a beautiful sunset from now on. I wish so much I could hug your neck again...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing and growing and growing...

Reese lost her first tooth! Another big milestone to add to her year of turing 5. She has also learned how to ride her bike without training wheels, blow a bubble with gum, tie her shoes and smart off to her Mommy like a teenager. WOW. My baby is growing up. Check out the pics below.

Showing off the hole in her mouth where the tooth used to be.

Getting ready for bed and to put her tooth under her pillow.

So super excited that the tooth fairy is going to come visit.

Putting the tooth under her pillow.

Showing little brother how it's done. Such a good big sissy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Manny is 3!

Three years. Three long, hard years. No, just kidding. Actually, maybe only half kidding. Three years ago my precious, high maintenance bundle of joy of a boy came into this world and he hasn't stopped tearing it up since. Mason is finally THREE! He has been telling people for the last few months he is "almost three" and now he can just say "I'm THREE!" And guess what happened the day he turned three? He gave up his "pie pie" (pacifier) cold turkey. That's right people. That thing nearly sent Mimi to her grave and I can't tell you how many times I was woken up right smack dab in the middle of REM sleep to go retrieve it in the middle of the night. And Little Manny literally gave it up cold turkey. I am so proud of you, Mase! And so ever thankful...

I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. I love the little things about you. How you love to open doors for "the ladies". You look at mommy and tell her she is sooooo pretty. You hold both of my cheeks in the palms of your hands when you give me a kiss. How you know how to scream like a man. How you insist on eating breakfast the second your feet hit the floor in the morning. How you dream about flying a batman rocket up to the stars when you become a daddy. How you can belt out the words to I'll Fly Away in the backseat. Your absolute LOVE for anything Superheros, especially Batman. The way you hold big frogs. All these things are wrapped up in the package that is Mason and I love every bit of it. Even the days we have that are rough, I can sit and watch you sleep and know everything is going to be ok. Thank you Lord, for giving me this strong, hilarious, smart and driven child. I can't wait to see all the gifts and talents God gives you to use on this earth. I can already see you have a very determined mind like your Daddy. You can do anything you set your heart to little buddy! Here are a few pics of the last three years of Mason's life. Happy Birthday Little Manny!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertiiiiime Baby favorite time of year is finally here! Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure I say that about every season, but it's just because I love them ALL so much! Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks that show we are enjoying our summer so far. Swimming, eating popsicles, riding bikes,'s been great! Now we're just waiting for our summer vacationers to get here and we'll be all set. Can't wait!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reese Through the Years & Turning 5

May 28th, 2004 11:11 pm. The very moment my life was changed forever and I was given the beloved title of MOM. 5 years ago today Reese entered our lives and she has continued to bless us with her smile, her laugh, her notorious scream, her love for animals, and her nurturing way of taking care of her little babies. All these things were discovered at such a young age and continue to blossom into what is now Reese's personality. I love it. I cherish every little thing about that girl. I love to see how independent she is becoming, yet I want her to stay little. She is growing up before my eyes and becoming such a precious human being. Thank you, Lord, for chosing ME to be her Mom. I am blessed beyond measure...

Happy Birthday baby girl!

WOW. The whole "ask and you shall receive" thing apparently really works. If you read my last post, you know I had shared my desires about a stranger complimenting my precious, perfect, well-behaved children. har har. Weird, I know. actually happened! It wasn't at a restaurant, it was on a bus, but hey - beggars can't be choosers, right? We were sitting on a bus on our way to one of the theme parks at Disney World, and for about 15 minutes I had been discretely staring at this really well put together lady who appeared to be in her late 50's that was sitting across from me. She was dressed very preppy with perfect creases in her nicely ironed khaki shorts, had red toenail polish, a french manicure and super cute hair. Yeah, I'm shallow. I totally notice those things. ;-) Anyhoo, after sitting there with the kids for the entire time without a fight breaking out between the two of them, she looked over at us and said "You have the most well behaved children!" I couldn't believe it! Seriously y'all...I have been waiting for that moment for 5 years and I blogged about it before we left and it happened! Coincidence, or are you with me and think God just has a really witty sense of humor? Uh-huh. He likes to see us smile and know it was Him all along.

All that to say, I have to tell you they were really well behaved on that bus trip but I'm pretty sure it was because we were on day 5 and they were completely worn out! Hey - whatever works. I'll take it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh how I long for the day...

There is this one moment in my life that I can still recall from my childhood. Actually, there is more than one, but this one is very vivid. I was in Colorado with Mom, Dad and Benji and I'm not sure how hold we were, but we were pretty young. I bet Benji was 5, which would have made me 9. We were sitting in a restaurant and out of nowhere a man walks over to our table and tells mom and dad that he has been watching our family and just wanted to tell them what well-mannered kids we were and what a nice family we had. I can still remember how genuinely kind he was. And how proud my parents were when he came over.

So that is my new goal in life. Someday I want a stranger to come over to our table at a restaurant and compliment us on what well-mannered children we have. Lofty life goal, I know. can stop laughing now. ;-) Apparently, this happened with my own children one time when I was not present (they were with Mimi & Grandad) so that totally doesn't count. My kids turn into angels when they go visit the Grandparents! At least I know they have it in them....sweet little souls!

Another Mason Funny

Mason got his hair cut this morning and when we got in the car to leave he said, "She was pretty girl", referring to the girl who cut his hair. And she was! So I said, "Mason, do you like pretty girls?" and he said "Yeah, I like pretty girls and Batman". That's my boy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mason Funny

Setting: The car

Mason: Ta Dum!!! (super proud)

Mommy: Ta Dum!! (not knowing what I was ta-dumming)

Mason: My boogie is on me!

Mommy: Sigh...

Just another day in the life of the mother of a little boy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My friend, the Sun

Suuuuuunnnn???? Suuuuuunnnnnn???? Where arrrrrreee youuuuuuu???? Are you ever going to come visit us again? We want you back! And quick...I'm starting to feel deficient in Vitamin D. Big Time. Not to mention how I long for you to come dry up the piles of MUD in my yard. I'm getting very weary of washing muddy little shoes. Suuuuuuuunnn????? Suuuuuuunnnnn?????

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Chocolate Frenzy Begin!

O. M. G. Why didn't someone tell me not to buy the candy that I like for stuffing the easter eggs for my children? I'm so writing that on the calendar for next year. Apparently my memory failed me from last year...I do not remember being so out of control in the chocolate department! WOW. If I eat one more pastel chocolate easter egg I'm going to break out with acne like a 14 year old. Yep, pretty sure of it. And what's up with all the new flavors of jelly beans? Sweetarts, starburst, jolly rancher, etc. Not that I'm complaining, but I think we all know Jelly Bellies rule in this category hands down. I mean, who can resist a good tutti frutti jelly belly? You know - the ones that taste dead on like a piece of Juicy Fruit gum? Oh, you know you look for that one every time. Or maybe the popcorn flavored ones just so you can taste how much it REALLY does taste like in the heck do they DO that? I'm not sure but as much as I dislike the flavor of that jelly bean, I continue to try it time after time.

Anyhoo...back to the real reason I'm posting tonight, which is really just to share a few photos of Easter weekend with ya. Peace out.