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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trip to West Texas

Speed racers

Both kids crashed out hard on the way home.

The whole family ventured to West Texas the day after Thanksgiving for the Yellowjacket playoff game. We left a day early so Jeff could see one of his dairies in San Angelo on Friday. Not even thinking about it being Black Friday, the kids and I headed to the mall to kill some time. I was without a stroller because Jeff had taken it out of my car when he packed us up not thinking I might need it. So I'm thinking, "no big deal, I'll just rent one at the mall". So I've got both kids, it's naptime, and they both want to take their special blankies in. We walk in and find the stroller rental station & guess what? They're all rented out! I nearly had a stroke. There must have been a bijillion people there and I've got two sleepy kids, 2 special blankies, and about 3 hours to waste. The Lord was with us....about the time panic was setting in, a nice little old white headed lady strolls up with none other than a beautiful sparkly blue SEARS shopping buggy! She was just going to leave it at the mall entrance when I raced in and politely snatched it out of her hands. Saved by the Sears buggy! So if you can picture this, the kids and I strolled around the insanely crowded mall in San Angelo in a Sears buggy. Worked perfectly. I highly recommend it in a pinch.

Anyhoo...we met up with Brandon & Cindy Carrell for dinner that night. We were all hoping for a nice juicy steak, but we had the kids with us so we ended up at Chuck E Cheese. Yep. Fun, Yes. Nutritious, No. Pretty sure I had 3 pieces of pizza and I was feelin' it later. Yummy.

The next morning we met up with the Cowan's for breakfast at IHOP, or as Reese now calls it, I-H-O-P. We headed to the mall with them and ended up finding an ice skating rink. We ALL (even Mason) rented ice skates and attempted to be graceful while braving the ice. Bobby & Jeff thought they were 19 again and even had a race! It was too funny. And Jeff would get me if I neglected to say he won. Sorry Bobby... ha!

The game was super fun and we came away with a win. Well worth the trip. Go Jackets!

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McGregor Family said...

Hey, I am not sure if you saw the beauty of west Texas since you are from Oklahoma. I love it out there. I ask Kyle everyday if we can move back!!! I love it.. I used to teach an hour from Odessa. Friday night lights are everywhere in the fall. It is so cool!!!!