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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tough Loss

Jeff and I (along with hundreds of other loyal Yellowjacket fans) traveled to Waco last weekend for our 4th playoff game against our latest rival Everman. When we played Everman earlier in the season, they beat us an ugly 3-56. Since the day after that game, Joseph has been telling Jeff he wanted a rematch. He did not feel like our best team showed up that day, and the score certainly showed that. Everything had to work out just right for it to happen, but we did get a rematch. After 4 quarters of some of the best high school football I've ever seen (and a handful of questionable calls), our Yellowjackets finished their 2008 season with a great, great game that resulted in a loss of 24-27. Words cannot express how proud we are of those boys...the coaches...their families. Jeff & I gained a whole new perspective on what those coaches and their families sacrifice during the season. There are many, many late nights, missed events, early mornings, weekends at work, stress, dealing with parents, etc. We are so proud of what Joseph and his staff did with this team and even more proud of the boys and how much heart they played with every single game. It was a tough loss, but we couldn't be more proud! Here are some pictures from the game.

Our team praying right after the game.

Jeff & Joseph after the game.

Joseph and Josh Graves (senior)

This is a picture of the team at the game at the Odessa-Permian stadium where they filmed the movie Friday Night Lights. Pretty cool!

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