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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big Bellies & Good Neighbors

Thanksgiving morning started with a big breakfast prepared by none other than Cheffrey himself and his trusty sidekick MaseMan. It was french toast all around topped off with a nice side of bacon. After our coffee and showers, we had just enough time to let our tummies settle before it was lunchtime.

We were so thankful this Thanksgiving to share it with our new friends and neighbors, Nick & Jill Heupel, their kids Maddie & Seth and the rest of their extended family. It was so nice of them to invite us and the feast was incredible! The weather was beautiful, so a few of us sat outside and ate out on the backporch which was super fun for the kiddos.

After a big afternoon nap, we had a great afternoon of playing outside and burning leaves (yes, again!) before we headed up to the Gillespie's to have round 2 of Thanksgiving dinner. I'm pretty sure we all gained at least 5 pounds just on this one day alone! Treadmill here I come...

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