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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So her mother's daughter

So if you're reading this blog and you knew me when I was a child, this is not going to surprise you one bit. Reese's preschool class had a program for us on Thanksgiving. They learned 3 of the cutest little songs, which Reese had been singing at the top of her lungs for at least a month. The time came for her to get up on stage and shine, and what does she do but stand up there like a frozen turkey! Little toot. Jeff & I just cracked up. Fortunately, I understand her pain and can remember doing the EXACT same thing until at least middle school (so my mom says). Anyway, I stole this video from my friend Ashley's blog, so I hope she doesn't sue me for plajarism or illegally copying her material. Notice her sweet little non-shy Blair belting out the words (in the pink headband), then Reese on the very left in the brown. Enjoy!
Click here for the adorable video!

1 comment:

side o' sarcasm, please said...

send her to my house...i'll teach a good jazz hand and box step and you'll never have stage fright reese in your sights again!