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Monday, December 15, 2008

Crashed Out

Today was brrrrrrr cold! I am a big fan of seasons changing, but c' you have to take us from 75 to 25 in one day? Sheesh! Even I - the cold weather lover that I am - can't handle that drastic change. Needless to say, we stayed inside most of the day except for our little jaunt to the movie theater for a matinee this afternoon. Here is a cute pic of Mason after he woke up from his nap and decided to join me in the living room to finish it. He fell asleep in this position and stayed that way for a good half hour. SO sweet. I couldn't resist snapping a pic! I included a couple other pics from the week as well.

Mason getting ready for a ride in the Gator.

Notice the blue diamond "stick on" earrings Reese is wearing. She put them on & said, "Mom, go grab your camera. I look so cute!".

Yeah..I'm that person. I dress my dogs up in cute little sweaters when it gets cold. They're not really happy with me here.

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Marla said...

My dogs might make fun of your dogs if they saw them!!