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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching up

Ever notice on days when you're just a little behind and trying to play catch up on laundry someone always wets the bed? Does that happen to anyone else? It can't happen on those rare days when you are already caught up and have nothing to do anyway besides wash a set of sheets, mattress pad, top blanket and heating pad...nooooooo. That would be way too easy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stuck without Pictures

Not to be a downer, but I sure do wish I had some pictures to post of the kids all googly-eyed and happy on Christmas morning. Oh yeah, I camera. Yes, that's me whining. Still, I want to blog. Blogging really isn't that fun when you don't have pictures to back your story up. After all, you might think I was making my stories up out of nowhere if I didn't have the pics as proof, right? Right. So I decided to keep my Christmas memories to myself this year for now and just post a few pics that make me happy from years gone by. Happy Holidays.

Reese meeting Santa for the first time.

Two sweet little babies.

Happy Santa Mason

Happy Santa Reese

Mason having a conversation with Rudolph.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Good luck/bad luck

I'm really not a person who believes in good luck or bad luck. I know when things are going well, those are pure blessings from God. When things are going not so well...well, I'm not sure what that is. I have to tell you a story about the latter.

It was last Friday morning, less than a week away from Christmas when I was running late getting Reese to school. I'm usually not super early to events, but I'm certainly not late either. I'm really a "right on time" kind of girl. Anyway, I needed to be there early this particular day as I had set up parent volunteers from Reese's school to help set up tables and decorate for the school-wide Christmas lunch that day. My plan was to drop Reese off at about 8:45, get her situated, then go back to help get everyone set up - Mason in tow. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure we finally left the house at 8:59 and the school is about a 10 minute drive. Since we were late and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, I poured some cereal(Lucky Charms to be exact) and milk into my trusty pink hypercolored (yeah baby) Eskimo Joes cup, along with a cup of coffee and we tore out the door. Getting into the car was a chore itself, as I had to load a box full of garland (for the table decorations, of course!), a pasta salad I had made the day before, snacks for Mason, my cereal, coffee, coats for the kids, purse, etc. And believe it or not, I felt like I had done all the pre-planning the night before! WRONG! So we pull up to the church, I reach down to the passenger's side floorboard where my camera was (I had to take pics of Reese at her Christmas program like a good Mommy) and since I was in a hurry and already feeling a bit flustered, instead of gently grabbing my camera with grace and dexterity, I sort of flung it up, lost control of it, threw it in the air, and guess where it landed? Uh-huh...right smack in the middle of my Eskimo Joes cup full of milk! I'm not kidding. I know what you're thinking...I am a complete irresponsible excuse for a person, right? Yep. I'm thinking the same thing actually. Because not only have I drenched my several hundred dollar camera into a cup of milk, I had also done something similar with one of my cell phones a few months ago. I'm not going to get into that story right now. SO...long story short, I am 4 days from Christmas and cameraless. Don't you want to cry for me? I want to cry for myself, but I'm too mad to do that. It took me 3 days to tell Jeff...I dropped the bomb on him this morning. I figured I couldn't hide the fact much longer that I hadn't been shoving the camera in the kid's faces all weekend long like usual. So good luck, or bad luck...that is the question. Maybe it's just God's way of letting me know I'm human like everyone else. Like Jeff said, "Don't be so hard on yourself, Jodi...we all throw cameras in a cup of milk at some time in our lives". Thank you my sweet husband. You rock.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jesus the Big Guy

Tonight we're getting in the car after church and Mason hadn't stopped talking from the time we left his classroom until we reached the car. I notice he is carrying his little Gideon's bible with him, and here is our convo:

Me: So Mase, it that your bible?

Mase: Yeah...

Me: Are you reading about Jesus?

Mase: Yeah. I read 'bout Jesus. He BIG, BIG guy. Jesus cool.

Me:'re right. You are so right.

Thank you Jesus for being BIG and cool indeed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crashed Out

Today was brrrrrrr cold! I am a big fan of seasons changing, but c' you have to take us from 75 to 25 in one day? Sheesh! Even I - the cold weather lover that I am - can't handle that drastic change. Needless to say, we stayed inside most of the day except for our little jaunt to the movie theater for a matinee this afternoon. Here is a cute pic of Mason after he woke up from his nap and decided to join me in the living room to finish it. He fell asleep in this position and stayed that way for a good half hour. SO sweet. I couldn't resist snapping a pic! I included a couple other pics from the week as well.

Mason getting ready for a ride in the Gator.

Notice the blue diamond "stick on" earrings Reese is wearing. She put them on & said, "Mom, go grab your camera. I look so cute!".

Yeah..I'm that person. I dress my dogs up in cute little sweaters when it gets cold. They're not really happy with me here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


YAY!!!! I just finished my defensive driving course! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Did you realize that sucker takes 6 hours to complete? SIX HOURS! Who has time for that? Apparently I do since I'm finished, I'm finished, ha ha ha ha ha! I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my husband, Jeff for having complete faith in me. My children, Reese and Mason for the incredible support they gave me while on the computer every time they thought I was hiding from them. Oh, and who could forget my little Adrienne who watched helplessly from the futon as I slaved day after day, week after week on this treacherous journey. Thank you, for humoring me with your countless grammatical errors and endless spelling mistakes...your poor excuse for narration and your cheesy one-liners. Yet none of that matters now. It's behind me and I have learned that men have 3 times more accidents than women, there is such a thing as a "weave lane", and you should always turn your blinker on at least 150 feet before turning or changing lanes. Surely I'm a better person for having this knowledge. Now onto more important things, like finishing my online Christmas shopping! CELEBRATE!

Tough Loss

Jeff and I (along with hundreds of other loyal Yellowjacket fans) traveled to Waco last weekend for our 4th playoff game against our latest rival Everman. When we played Everman earlier in the season, they beat us an ugly 3-56. Since the day after that game, Joseph has been telling Jeff he wanted a rematch. He did not feel like our best team showed up that day, and the score certainly showed that. Everything had to work out just right for it to happen, but we did get a rematch. After 4 quarters of some of the best high school football I've ever seen (and a handful of questionable calls), our Yellowjackets finished their 2008 season with a great, great game that resulted in a loss of 24-27. Words cannot express how proud we are of those boys...the coaches...their families. Jeff & I gained a whole new perspective on what those coaches and their families sacrifice during the season. There are many, many late nights, missed events, early mornings, weekends at work, stress, dealing with parents, etc. We are so proud of what Joseph and his staff did with this team and even more proud of the boys and how much heart they played with every single game. It was a tough loss, but we couldn't be more proud! Here are some pictures from the game.

Our team praying right after the game.

Jeff & Joseph after the game.

Joseph and Josh Graves (senior)

This is a picture of the team at the game at the Odessa-Permian stadium where they filmed the movie Friday Night Lights. Pretty cool!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trip to West Texas

Speed racers

Both kids crashed out hard on the way home.

The whole family ventured to West Texas the day after Thanksgiving for the Yellowjacket playoff game. We left a day early so Jeff could see one of his dairies in San Angelo on Friday. Not even thinking about it being Black Friday, the kids and I headed to the mall to kill some time. I was without a stroller because Jeff had taken it out of my car when he packed us up not thinking I might need it. So I'm thinking, "no big deal, I'll just rent one at the mall". So I've got both kids, it's naptime, and they both want to take their special blankies in. We walk in and find the stroller rental station & guess what? They're all rented out! I nearly had a stroke. There must have been a bijillion people there and I've got two sleepy kids, 2 special blankies, and about 3 hours to waste. The Lord was with us....about the time panic was setting in, a nice little old white headed lady strolls up with none other than a beautiful sparkly blue SEARS shopping buggy! She was just going to leave it at the mall entrance when I raced in and politely snatched it out of her hands. Saved by the Sears buggy! So if you can picture this, the kids and I strolled around the insanely crowded mall in San Angelo in a Sears buggy. Worked perfectly. I highly recommend it in a pinch.

Anyhoo...we met up with Brandon & Cindy Carrell for dinner that night. We were all hoping for a nice juicy steak, but we had the kids with us so we ended up at Chuck E Cheese. Yep. Fun, Yes. Nutritious, No. Pretty sure I had 3 pieces of pizza and I was feelin' it later. Yummy.

The next morning we met up with the Cowan's for breakfast at IHOP, or as Reese now calls it, I-H-O-P. We headed to the mall with them and ended up finding an ice skating rink. We ALL (even Mason) rented ice skates and attempted to be graceful while braving the ice. Bobby & Jeff thought they were 19 again and even had a race! It was too funny. And Jeff would get me if I neglected to say he won. Sorry Bobby... ha!

The game was super fun and we came away with a win. Well worth the trip. Go Jackets!

Big Bellies & Good Neighbors

Thanksgiving morning started with a big breakfast prepared by none other than Cheffrey himself and his trusty sidekick MaseMan. It was french toast all around topped off with a nice side of bacon. After our coffee and showers, we had just enough time to let our tummies settle before it was lunchtime.

We were so thankful this Thanksgiving to share it with our new friends and neighbors, Nick & Jill Heupel, their kids Maddie & Seth and the rest of their extended family. It was so nice of them to invite us and the feast was incredible! The weather was beautiful, so a few of us sat outside and ate out on the backporch which was super fun for the kiddos.

After a big afternoon nap, we had a great afternoon of playing outside and burning leaves (yes, again!) before we headed up to the Gillespie's to have round 2 of Thanksgiving dinner. I'm pretty sure we all gained at least 5 pounds just on this one day alone! Treadmill here I come...

So her mother's daughter

So if you're reading this blog and you knew me when I was a child, this is not going to surprise you one bit. Reese's preschool class had a program for us on Thanksgiving. They learned 3 of the cutest little songs, which Reese had been singing at the top of her lungs for at least a month. The time came for her to get up on stage and shine, and what does she do but stand up there like a frozen turkey! Little toot. Jeff & I just cracked up. Fortunately, I understand her pain and can remember doing the EXACT same thing until at least middle school (so my mom says). Anyway, I stole this video from my friend Ashley's blog, so I hope she doesn't sue me for plajarism or illegally copying her material. Notice her sweet little non-shy Blair belting out the words (in the pink headband), then Reese on the very left in the brown. Enjoy!
Click here for the adorable video!