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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twas the Night Before Halloween

Although Halloween isn't my very most favorite holiday of the year, it does have a bit of nostalgia for me. I have so many great memories of Halloween night in the old "hood" on Saralyn Drive where I grew up. Everything from dressing up as a colored hobo (nice one, mom), to rescueing "kitty" who later went through the remaining 8 lives she had left after that night (thanks Justin!), to the yearly tradition of gourging on "Witches Brew", i.e. Vegetable Beef Stew. And who could forget the annual super scary Jaycee Haunted House? Memories of egging people, getting egged, toilet papering, bottle rocket wars at Bagby Park and dumping dish soap in the fountains at the museum. Remember that night, Hollie & Dawn? Wasn't there some incident with Adam, oh what's his last name? One of you will remember before I have time to bust out the Class of '94 yearbook. I believe there was a set of handcuffs involved before it was all said & done. Good times. Pretty sure he took one for the team on that one. Anyway, we started our own tradition of carving pumpkins the night before Halloween and enjoying a nice bowl of Witches Brew. The kids had fun and everyone was covered in pumpkin guts before the night was over. Memories...ah the memories...

Reese & Mase using spoons to gut the pumpkins.

Oops. I think Mase got a little taste of pumpkin insides. Yummy.

Reese wasn't so sure about removing the slimy guts inside.

Jeff was brave and let Reese take a stab at using the ever so sharp pumpkin carving AXE on her own. Yikes.

Jeff thought it would be humorous to start a pumpkin gut war. Notice the orange goop in her hair. Guess who got to wash that out later????

Nice shot little one. Nice shot.

Reese chasing Jeff with a big handful of pumpkin guts. She just had to get the last punch...not sure where she gets that one from. eh hmm...

This is Reese's finished product. Not bad for a first timer!

Mason is trying to scare his jack-o-lantern back.


side o' sarcasm, please said...

i know nothing. NOTHING! i was just sharing bagby park with mike over the weekend...we must be in sync. :)

Trisha said...

Man, it sounds like your class got a little crazier than ours!;)

I was just thinking about the egging the other day. One Halloween, we got really smart and took the sunroof out of Rachel's car so we could throw eggs. It never occured to us that the eggs could also be thrown into the car. We found out a little too late.