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Friday, November 14, 2008

No holding back

As I was putting Reese to bed tonight, I think I hear her say "Mom, you're fat." I pause for a minute and say "what was that?"....she then says "Mom, you have a fat bottom." And this after two weeks of starting to work out again. Thank goodness the Halloween chocolate is almost gone. Maybe that's why I have a fat bottom. Very observant Reese...very observant.


The Geijsel Family said...
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side o' sarcasm, please said...

while i think this is hilarious - only because elle can't yet speak -DO NOT send her to my house. i don't need a 4 year old telling me something i already know.

too bad you couldn't say something "just you wait, young lady. just you wait"

Matt and Deachi said...

Brutal honesty of a 4 year old sucks! Calyn has yet to say anything to me like this but I await the day. I have been mentally preparing myself for a while now. :)

McGregor Family said...


You are not fat.. .Maggie always asks me," Are you going to put some makeup on?" I just laugh!!!!