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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Defensive Driving

Ok, so I took the most fabulous trip to Florida with 4 of my closest girlfriends (see earlier post) in September. On our way home from 5 days of pure bliss, we were on the last leg of our trip with only 1 hour left and I'm in the drivers seat. We get to the outskirts of a small little Texas town called Keene and BAMMM!!! I see red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I think I was mid-sentence about something oh so important (I'm sure you girls remember what we were discussing!) and I blurted out "We're getting pulled over!" To make a long story short, even with 5 of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen in your life in the car (ha ha!) we, or should I say I got a nice hefty speeding ticket for going something like 20 mph over the speed limit. What can I say? Without sounding like I'm not taking full responsibility, it was a TOTAL SPEED TRAP! No lie, my dad had even warned me about that little stretch many times before, as it is right outside of Cleburne. That was at the beginning of September. I paid part of the fine and decided to take Defensive Driving to cover the rest. it's the beginning of November and I just logged on today to start the fun. And the MOST frustrating part is that as I was on the phone with my precious husband a couple weeks ago, he got pulled over. AS WE WERE ON THE PHONE! Sweet victory...I just knew I was going to get to rag on him for his ticket just like he did when I got mine. I texted him something like, "Care to join me for some defensive driving?" He called a couple minutes later and said he must be way cuter than the 5 of us girls because he only got a warning. A WARNING! No fair! To rub it in a little more, he just called 5 minutes ago and said he got pulled over yet again and got a what? ANOTHER WARNING! Seriously. He reminded me nicely that I should go ahead & just log on to and start my joyous stint of learning how to drive again. This should be interesting.... I'm going the speed limit from now on.


side o' sarcasm, please said...

i cuh-learly remember being pulled over with you on hwy 11 following you back from ponca city. (you'd just had the windows on the t-bird tinted). you cried to the hyper hi-po and we both got off. what happened to the waterworks this time?

30toes said...

Sorry about your ticket :( Your new background is CUTE!

The Milfords said...

SERIOUSLY!! 2 warnings?!!? I think our cop was blind or married to Cindy Crawford. How can Jeff get 2 warnings and we, the 5 hottest people ever, get a ticket? I think the cop had hotness envy. Yeah that's it. Your ticket was really for hotness not for speeding. I bet Jeff never got a hotness ticket.