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Thursday, November 27, 2008

101 Things I'm Thankful For (in no particular order)

1. God’s Grace
2. My kids
3. An amazing husband
5. a selfless brother who cares about the less fortunate
6. my rock star girlfriends
7. breakfast made by my husband on Thanksgiving morning
8. My Oklahoma State Cowboys
9. my sweet little hometown in Oklahoma
10. The Stephenville YellowJackets
11. our church
12. Reese’s brown eyes & contagious laugh
13. Mason’s blue eyes & big ole smile
14. Bedlam weekend - GO POKES!
15. the fact that Adrienne follows me everywhere I go
16. Baby Kate and her mamma, daddy and big brothers
17. the remote
18. the smell of Clinique perfume
19. women’s bible study
20. pumpkin spice coffee creamer
21. baby wipes
22. Hubbard Road
23. my new treadmill
24. my bible
25. 2 sets of Grandparents who love my kids
26. friends to spend Thanksgiving with
27. John & Kate Plus 8
28. SMILE mom’s night out
29. Blogs
30. the smell of pine during the holidays
31. my furry leopard pajama bottoms
32. really good eye cream
33. hot chocolate
34. The Crab Trap in Destin
35. sushi
36. Bruce Springstein
37. the cabin & it's memories
38. the Garmin GPS
39. My super comfy yoga pants
40. Clorox
41. Turon, KS
42. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
43. dirt roads
44. The Today Show
45. hunting season
46. Ashley’s beach house
47. worship music
48. my electric leaf blower
49. cough medicine
50. ChapStick – regular flavor
51. Cypress Street
52. Sonic ice
53. my old worn out slippers
54. SMILE book club
55. Old hymns
56. a nice crackly fire in our fireplace
57. flip flops
58. our ice maker
59. fire sauce
60. a good photograph of the kids
61. that Brooks says my name over & over when he sees me
62. Monday night football
63. Friday night football
64. Saturday afternoon football
65. that college basketball has started
66. Maple 400 apartment complex
67. Hideaway Pizza
68. Holly @ the Bijou
69. Jivago 24K
70. The GAP
71. The sound of the garage door opening when Jeff comes home
72. 1 hour photo processing
73. every time my daughter sings
74. Chocolate almond ice cream
75. Vicks Vaporizer
76. DVD player in the car
77. instant oatmeal
78. Steel Magnolias
79. My house cleaner and her sense of humor
80. The Wizard of Oz
81. Seat warmers in my car
82. Listerine cinnamon breath strips
83. Chicken E Sweet Tea
84. My favorite pair of jeans
85. Nachos and lots of jalepenos
86. Infusium 25 shampoo & conditioner
87. pedicures
88. sunset driving down Hwy 177
89. Eskimo Joes t-shirts
90. My swiffer sweeper
91. drive thru car washes
92. drive thru dry cleaners
93. drive thru pharmacy
94. drive thru fast food
95. mini sized hand sanitizer
96. radar detectors
97. my wooden spoon
98. cul-de-sacs
99. “big rogs”
100. Christmas music
101. YOU!


The Milfords said...

That's impressive! I'm thankful for you, and now that I have read your list I have a very strong craving for the Crab Trap. Thanks.

Marla said...

MMM Pumpkin Spice Creamer!
And here I thought I was the only one left besides my dad that likes the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
MMM Sonic Ice!
Seriously what's with the wooden spoon?
What's a rog?
I'm thankful for you too!

McGregor Family said...


I am going to steal your idea sometime!! Great idea. We made a thankful list with Maggie but did not really think to write down what I am thankful for too!!!! IMPORTANT!! I enjoyed reading yours. We have very similar ones... Have a blessed day..... Jennifer